Somatic Experiencing and acting

One of the main goals of Somatic Experiencing is to become a bigger 'container' - to be more of our 'Self' so that we can be more available for life and living it. This also means we can be more available for connection with ourselves and intimacy with others. For actors it means that as there is more of the self available to draw from the acting improves.

People instinctively feel safe and comfortable with someone who has a deep sense of themselves. It gives them permission to be more of who they are. We feel the authenticity and respond to it.

An actor who has a big container or self has a sense of authentic presence - and an audience is drawn to that. The bigger and richer the container, the more an actor can act, because there is so much more to draw from. Whether a part that the actor plays is understated or overt, there is something constant and essential within the actor that an audience will be attracted to and moved by. It will feel real and solid. It will allow us to feel more of ourselves and therefore can be deeply healing and transforming. If we think of a great actor it is invariably someone who has an authentic presence. People will watch a movie with Anthony Hopkins many times, for example, because he draws from his authenticity when he acts. This moves us, maybe even breaks and frees us.

Actors do not have to be traumatised in order to benefit from Somatic Experiencing.

The work will teach us to track sensations directly in the body and feel emotions and physical sensations that may be held there due to stuck freeze, fight and flight states. Doing this in appropriate pieces gives rise to a more complete sense of self and wholeness and capacity and therefore a deeper well to draw and act from.

I have been working with actors for the past six years and am constantly moved by their innate ability and courage to track their body's states. Their training invariably gives them a head start with this work!

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