Healing Sexual Trauma with SE

Sexual trauma can leave wounds that can affect all aspects of our being - especially if experienced when we are very young. It's sometimes referred to as 'the Sacred Wound' as it can touch the very core of us. For this reason, I find it deeply honouring to work alongside those with this type of trauma.

Sexual abuse can affect our sense of identity and our place in the world. We often carry a deep sense of shame and disconnection and that we are somehow responsible for what was done to us. This can isolate us further and make us feel even more stuck.

And yet, even at this deep level, the Self is wanting to move towards resolution and wholeness and when this drive is supported with the right holding, healing can occur.

In sessions we will look to help repair the wounding to the Self and the effects on the body, so we can be more available to our body, our lives and our relationships.

It's delicate work and the right pacing is essential.

We use simple exercises including boundary work to reinstate what is 'mine' and what is 'yours' that will help give empowerment and unburden us from carrying shame that doesn't belong to us.

We work with emotions like fear and disgust, so that they can be resolved and allow us to be more available for the 'good' feelings such as love, joy, satisfaction and pleasure.

We work with stuck fight flight and freeze energy that will be bound in the nervous system, and allow that energy that will be hidden to come through and mobilise us and give us back our vitality.

Sexual Healing For Men

There has been a lot of media coverage around sexual abuse by celebrities and those in positions of power. As a society now we are more aware of the extent of sexual abuse that happened to our boys. This is a responsibility at a societal level. Men are gaining in courage and numbers to come forward to set the records straight and reclaim what they lost.

Men historically have often found it much harder than women to 'admit' they've been abused - to themselves and to the outside world - and to seek help. As a society we've carried a belief that It's less ok that men are vulnerable and that they get wounded in this way. Those men who are taking the risk in coming forward for healing are helping to change that belief and make it easier for others who follow them.

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