Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle yet powerful healing form which assists and works with the body’s own natural capacity to heal.

The Craniosacral system is comprised of the brain and spinal column as well as the fluid that bathes it. This fluid is called the Craniosacral fluid. It affects all the systems of the body – The nervous system, cardio-vascular system, immune system, muscular-skeletal system, as well as the organs and all the tissues and fluids. By working directly with this fluid, the whole body and all its parts are addressed.

You can think of the Craniosacral fluid like the sap in a tree or the oil in the engine of a car.

The Craniosacral system was first discovered and described by William G Sutherland, an Osteopath in the early 1900’s who believed that the craniosacral fluid holds the primary life force or inner spark which exists at our core – No matter how much disease or imbalance there may be, this spark remains as constant. He called it the breath of life. Craniosacral Therapy acknowledges this Breath of Life as a person’s fundamental vitality which is never  lost and lies at the core of our health.

Craniosacral fluid expresses itself in wave-like motions in the body. By listening with a light touch through the clothing, a practitioner can feel these fluidic rhythms and can tell where there are patterns of stress and restriction. Think of an embedded branch on the beach as the waves flow around it. By placing your hands in the sea (CSF), you can feel the change in the tidal flow around the branch (restriction). By responding to these patterns, a Craniosacral Therapsist can help release these restrictions which in turn can bring more flow and vitality to the whole body.

Because Craniosacral Therapy is very gentle and non-invasive, it is especially useful for babies and the elderly and those in acute and chronic pain.

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