Christine Jensen

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I have been involved in health-care for more than 20 years. After all this time it still astounds me that our whole human system from psyche to cell wants to heal and move towards greater wholeness. I feel lucky that I've somehow always been aware of this and have consciously let my work be guided by this principle.

Maybe it's because I was brought up in the outback of Australia – your (then) typical outdoor Aussie kid – climbing trees, growing food, running bare-foot, sleeping under the stars as much as possible on hot summer nights with family and friends, my father's home-built 6 foot long telescope pointing the way to something far more vast and beautiful and mysterious than we could ever fathom. I knew instinctively this was somehow holding us and that I was an integral part of it. I remember these nights that shaped me and I'm still humbled by them.

These experiences and others around nature, unknowingly and profoundly influenced my journey in health-care.

It officially began with the study and practice of the energetic healing system of the east - the Sanskrit chakra system. Through this doorway, my healing work was further developed and refined by the study of Barbara Brennan's more Western energetic model. More training in Eugene Gendlin's 'Focusing' process brought me to a deeper understanding of the feeling states or 'felt sense' of the body as a way to work with physiological and psychological ill-health.

Various body-work and massage courses later, I was led to the internationally acclaimed Karuna Institute where I graduated in Craniosacral Therapy in 2000. Interwoven in this course was the study of trauma resolution, pioneered by Peter Levine.

In order to deepen my understanding of Levine's work, I undertook a formal three year training in Somatic Experiencing (SE) which has now become my main passion.

I worked for 12 months in a Harley St. neurological clinic using SE, Craniosacral and body work with people suffering with complex neurological conditions. A lot of people came with unresolved traumas. I became more acutely aware as to how unresolved stress and trauma can affect the body and mind.

I joined 'New Medicine Group' in March 2011, part of the London Medical Centre in Harley Street. I spent a valuable year with this expert team of cutting-edge health practitioners with their integrative and whole-person approach. On the back of these wings I launched myself further as an independent practitioner, still part of London Medical Centre and keeping my wing tips dipped in the NMG group.

In June 2012, alongside my work and life partner, Nathan Jensen Clinic was born in Queen Square Bath. This was the result of a longing we had both shared for some time– to create our own clinic that we would ourselves like to be treated in – A place of utmost professionalism, beauty and real human care.

We share a cottage in the heart of the country, growing our own food when we can, surrounded by chickens, donkeys, a faithful dog, our children and a variety of musical instruments. We have recently acquired a hive for bees.

I believe that cherishing my relationships and enjoying our lives together in our beautiful space are essential components in being an effective and heart-centred therapist.

I specialise in trauma resolution work (SE) and weave craniosacral and body-work within this sphere where appropriate.

I also use craniosacral, body-work and massage as separate and complete modalities.

I am dedicated to deepening my own self development and self care.

…..And I still make time to gaze at the stars. Thanks dad.

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